Three pairs struggle with scars of the past. Yet love shall mend them all.

A Christmas Miracle for the Hopeless Rancher

Louise has always yearned to live a life she makes for herself and not one crafted by others. Richard wishes for a clever wife... However, nothing is as it seems. When Louise arrives just in time for Christmas as a mail-order-bride, the journey the couple embarks on proves nearly fatal for Richard. When all seems lost, a Christmas miracle will occur, reminding everyone that hope is never out of reach!

A Light in the Darkness of his Heart

Jake’s heart is laden with sadness and woven with pain after death took his betrothed away from him. Lorelei’s limp makes her the laughing stock of Idaho, and not even her best friend can stop her from leaving. When Jake and Lorelei meet, love blooms between them. Yet, how can a handsome man love a woman who cannot believe in herself? How can any woman love a man with a shattered heart?

A Bride to Love the Scarred Rancher

Artelia is no stranger to misery. With her husband dead, her mother-in-law is her worst enemy so Artelia decides to reply to a mail-order-bride-ad to escape her nightmare. Johnnie has felt betrayal in all its glory. His ex-fiancée left him a shell of the man he once was, leaving a trail of lies and false rumors in her wake. When the two of them meet, Artelia fears she has walked into yet another living nightmare. Can they find their path to love?

*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Mail Order Vows of Love”!

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Three pairs struggle with scars of the past. Yet love shall mend them all. A Christmas Miracle for the Hopeless RancherLouise


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