Chasing past ghosts can cost someone’s love. Will Mathew, Alfonso, and James be wise enough to stop it?

Where Shattered Hearts Mend

Past ghosts can definitely ruin a happy relationship! But what if Anna, a Mail Order Bride running from her past, is strong to fight her fate? She is the proud daughter of the Sheriff who doesn’t know much about housework but she definitely knows how to heal a broken heart. But what about Mathew? Is his past strong enough to haunt both of them?

A Lady to Love the Tamer of Horses

Claire, a woman of the upper class, wishes to learn how to ride. So, she meets Alfonso, a man who becomes her instructor and who has so many talents, such as reining horses and melting iron but who lucks in love! Claire teaches him how to love! But is it possible for a lady to love a worker? And what if their decision puts her life at risk?

A Mail Order Bride to Light his Soul

Lily is coming from the upper class and she becomes James’s Mail Order Bride out of necessity. He is a brilliant man who doesn’t believe in himself! So Lily will show him how wonderful he is! But is her arrival in his life too late? Will he allow her to love him the way she wants or their love will be ruined because of these feelings of himself?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “ Western Brave Hearts”!

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