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Meeting each other was a matter of luck . . . staying together will be a matter of great struggle!

When Mia saw him for the first time Wayne, she knew that this was the man she wants to be with forever. In her way though stood the cruel sheriff of Placerville who had a dangerous obsession with her. Yet she could have never imagined that turning down all sheriff’s proposals to know each other better would be the reason to find herself behind bars. Wayne Jackson was quite sure that the sheriff of Placerville didn’t deserve to hold in his hands the protection of his fellow citizens. Working together has proved to him emphatically that this man was an egomaniac who was only interested in what his own heart desired. When Mia refused to succumb to the sheriff’s persistent proposals and be with Wayne, the couple will find itself on an agonizing adventure with very few chances of survival. Tormented by the evil schemes of the sheriff, Mia and Wayne will soon find out that sticking together is the only way to get this challenge through. Faith and Love are their sole allies, sheriff’s menace and cruelty their biggest enemy... will they be able to keep their love alive?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A True Hero for the Bride's Heart”! Buy “A True Hero for the Bride's Heart” and unlock the exciting story of Wayne and Mia today!

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