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Savannah Walton is a 22 year lady too untamable to be held in the formalities of the Eastern society. She always despised cocky talkative gentlemen and is considered too opinionated for her time. So instead of creating scandal after scandal, her aunt convinced her to pose as a mail order bride in the West. Savannah is mostly keen on the idea riding horses freely and be her spirited self. Will she also find a man to complete her craving soul?

Ethan Waters is a handsome and hard-working rancher who knows all about communicating with animals but nothing about communicating with women. His sister prompted him to finally focus in his personal life and find a companion. Ethan chose Savannah based on the famous poetry quotations in her letter. But never had he expected such a striking beauty who also made his mind swirling and his tongue stacked. Will he manage to tame her and show her who he is?

Savannah falls in love with the surroundings but feels disappointed that Ethan doesn’t express any kind of admiration towards her. When a misunderstanding breaks down, Savannah feels that his heart belongs to someone else and is thinking about leaving.

Can Ethan manage to show her that she was the one who stole his heart from the beginning?

 Find out in this sweet, clean and wholesome romance!

About me...

Etta Foster grew up in Maine and has studied Conservation Biology at the Boston University. 
Her studies and adventurous spirit led her to meet the love of her life in Lovelock, Nevada.
She currently lives there with her rancher husband and their two teen daughters. She delights in writing about women who came also a century before her to find love in the West.
She got her first idea of a story while taking care of the horses with her loving husband. He was the one to push her not only in the actual riding, but in the exciting ride of writing as well.
Except writing, she enjoys making wooden handicraft artifacts with the help of her two daughters who by the way, exceed her. 
Right now her daughters are teaching her how to connect with her readers!

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